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Nasarawa Government, NEPWHAN Commend IHVN

Representative of IHVN Chief Executive Officer, Pharm. Moses Haggi addresses journalists at the ANHEJ conference.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN), Dr. Patrick Dakum, has urged the media to be agents of behavior change by communicating accurate and timely information to the public and to decision makers.

The IHVN reduced costs by 64% by migrating hundreds of mailboxes to Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkMail is a secure, managed business email and calendar service with support for existing desktop and mobile email client applications. Amazon WorkMail gives users the ability to seamlessly access their email, contacts, and calendars using the client application of their choice, including Microsoft Outlook, native iOS and Android email applications, any client application supporting the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), or directly through a web browser.

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