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About Us

About Us

We Are Driven By Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Leader in providing quality health Services, capacity building and research in West Africa.

To be a center of excellence in providing health service implementation, capacity building, and research, ensuring equitable access to individuals & communities through innovative and evidence-based strategies

> Integrity                        > Respect for the dignity of the person
> Innovation                    > Transparency
> Accountability              > Excellence
> Team Work


Some Numbers To Consider

Our blended team of experts from several disciplines have worked together to provide these important number through technical support.

Lab Support Services

Number of
(OVC) Cared For

Customer Support

Labtechician Team

17, 019, 453

Individuals counseled, tested and received results

164, 670

Number of (OVC) Cared For

48, 391

Number of People Trained

5,105, 282

Pregnant Women Counseled, Tested and Received Results

652, 029

Clients cumulatively initiated on ART

770, 671

Clients cumulatively enrolled in the HIV care program

51, 472

Clients provided TB treatment

118, 931

Pregnant women provided anti-retroviral prophylaxis

114, 480

Number of notified tuberculosis cases contributed by private/non-governmental facilities


Treatment success rate: All forms for the Global Fund PPM Project

1, 000

Number of TB cases with RR-TB and/or MDR-TB notified in Global Fund PPM Project

1, 013

Number of MDR-TB patients enrolled for treatment